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Nguyen Duy BIEN

Quality and Inspection Services



+84 907 354 199

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • IIW IWE – International Welding Engineer (VN/IWE/00020)
  • Conventional NDT methods of VT, MT, PT, RI, PMI.
  • CSWIP 3.2.1 - Senior Welding Inspector (TWI #381469)
  • ISO 9001:2015 CQI | IRCA Lead Auditor
  • ISO 31000 – Risk Assessment.


More 14 years’ experience working in the manufacturer and the inspection services company and have ever in-charged of many international projects of structural steel, piping, package equipment. Well understood the inspection activities, welding inspection, expediting project to support training the new QC and consultancy. Familiar in applying the International Standards for construction: ASME, ASTM, API, ISO/EN, NACE, …

  • Responsible for quality management, welding services, and inspection services in local.
  • Coordination and distribution manpower to meet project requirement, monitoring quality inspector performance for training and fill gap of inspection failure, continuously improvement quality services & inspection.
  • Prepare operation procedures, manual, inspectional procedure, and other method statements forces to each project/ client’s requirement.
  • Provide technical/guidance to minimize non-conformance, improvement, and risk assessment.
  • Consulting for Quality Manual System, conduct internal audit/ external audit.
  • Update the articles and share knowledge in welding control and inspection activities to blog/ communities.
  • Fluent in technical drawing, specifications, and welding procedures, strong technical knowledge in material, welding/ bonding, inspection, and testing.
  • Well understanding the Mild Steel, HSLA, LTCS, Austenite Stainless Steel, Cladding and Overlay material, non-metallic.
  • Well experienced in NDT and Destructive Test: MT, PT, RI, PWHT, PMI, Hardness Test, Ferrite Test, …
  • Well experienced in coating application and inspection: preparing procedure, method statement, shop primer, surface assessment, salt test, dust test, DFT, holiday test, pull of test, …
  • Well knowledge in testing and inspection, hydrotest, flange management, FAT, …
  • Ability to manage various tasks and planning inspection.
  • Having strong ability and experiences in resolving problems and preventive actions.

Cored services

Third Party Inspector

  • Independent inspector (3rd)
  • Vendor inspection
  • Second party inspector
  • Expediting
  • External audit
  • Material verification and testing
  • Witnessing and endorsing document

Technical Supports

  • Engineering supports
  • Preparing method statement, procedure/instruction, ITP, other project document to compliance with code/standards
  • Filling gap and problem solving
  • Review procedure and drawing
  • Consulting WPS / PQR / WQT


  • Visual inspection
  • Internal/External
  • Development procedure and form application
  • Reporting
  • Quality management system

Project Undertaken

  • Welding services, consultant the WPS/WPQR/WQT and quality system, findings, and fill gap. Qualified to ASME IX, AWS D 1.1, AWS D1.6, AWS D1.8, ISO 15609, ISO 15614, ISO 9606, ISO 9001, ISO 3834 … / Welding Engineer
  • Thermal Oxidizer Package (Chamber, Burner, and Ducting, Steel Structure – 04 Modules); CO2 Removal Package (06 Units); OTSG One Through Steam Generator (05 Units); WHRU Waste Heat Recovery Units (05 Units); CCPGP-CPP – Demin Package (01 Unit) / Santos & BW Offshore / Inspector & Expediting.
  • Fabrication of 6 Units (Stack, Ducting, Structure Items) For North Field East Project / Onshore LNG Facilities / Macchi Steam & Power Generation - A Division of Sofinter S.p.A / Inspector.
  • Olefins package A1 / TPSK / Piping Inspector.
  • ASME VIII Div. 1 “U” Stamp Autoclave Creosote Wood Treatment, ASME VIII Div. 1 Work Tank Creosote Wood Treatment Vessel (Vessel 2.7m diameter x 48m length), Wood Treatment Plant / Unit Superheater Engineering & Moldrup IWT / Inspector.
  • HSVC PP5 Project – ASME VIII Div. 1 Pressure Vessel and Columns (60 sets) and Heat Exchanger / SGC eTEC E&C / Inspector.
  • JI-2044-Thai Oil Clean Fuel Project / Thai Oil PCL / Inspector.
  • FUME SCRUBBER / POSCO E&C / Inspector.
  • Flare package - Derrick Structure and Flare Riser, piping services Project – Balikpapan / KSO Adhi-Rekind / Inspector.
  • #1 Coal Radial Ship-loader 60SHILO8000 Project – Canada / Tenova Spa. / Inspector.
  • Cuu Long JOC – Maintenance services of piping spool, modification and replacement / Inspector.
  • Baker Hughes Vietnam – Maintenance service and redress hardfacing, corrosion overlay application / Inspector.
  • Hardbanding application and build-up application for tool joint, renewal application certificates / Inspector.
  • ENI Viet Nam – Offshore container fabrication DNVGL-ST-E271 / BS EN ISO 10855-1 / Inspector.
  • Petrovietnam Exploration Production Corporation – Tote tank fabrication / Offshore container DNVGL-ST-E271 / Inspector.
  • Piping Leak Test Package - HSVC 1 PP4 Project / eTEC E&C / Inspector.
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessel Package - HSVC 1 PP4 Project / DeaKyung E&C / Inspector.
  • Fabrication Flare Riser and Derrick structure for Rapid Package 22 - RAPID Refinery Complex Project / JZHC / Inspector.
  • Strainer and Filtration package - RAPID Refinery Complex Project / Vee Bee Filtration UK / Inspector.
  • Welding Task Force Team – NSRP / Piping Inspector.
  • CO2 Removal for Fuel Installation package / UOP Malaysia / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Membrance Skids, 5 Beds/6Beds/10Beds- PSA Skids / UOP / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication SeparexTM Membrane Housing / UOP / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication Hydrogen Purification System / UOP / QC Engineer.
  • Membrane Clean in Place (CIP) skid Z-UT-1251001 / Veolia Water Solution / QC Engineer.
  • Sulphate Removal unit (SRU) Membrane V-UT-1251001 / Veolia Water Solution / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Wind Fence Steel Structure, Piping Header and Runners / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Knockout Drum Vessels ASME VIII Div. 1 – U Stamp / NB Certificates / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Gas Separator Vessels ASME VIII Div. 1 U Stamp, NB Certificates / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Dry Drain Pot, Wet Drain Pot, Boiler / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication Flare Gas Recovery Unit (03 units) / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Flare Stack and Flare Riser / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Thermal Oxidizers / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Fabrication of Burner, Valve Skids, Gas Combustion Units, Champers, MDO Pumping Skids / JZHC / QC Engineer.
  • Plant Steel Structure / Ducting / Air Extraction / Power Plants / POSCO E&C / QC Inspector.

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